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Antioxidant supreme (powerful antioxidant formula)

Anti-aging and heart health antioxidant

  • All natural antioxidant formula
  • No man-made vitamins & minerals
  • Combination extract of 22 fruits and vegetables
  • Powerful 5000 ORAC units per g
  • Real food form state for ideal
    phyto-nutrients balance & maximum absorption rate
  • Beneficial antioxidant properties to fight against Free Radical Damage
  • Antioxidant, Heart Health, Anti Aging support
  • We are the 1st and only supplier in the United Kingdom

Increase 5 A Day fruit & vegetable ORAC intake


Tub Size:

  • Size: 60 VegiCaps per tub



Top Up your 5-A-DAY Fruit and Vegetable ORAC
requirements, every day

With today's fast & modern lifestyle which includes poor nutritional intake, imbalanced diets, excessive exposure to harmful man-made chemicals, pollution and lack of physical exercise, an increase in FREE-RADICAL damage occurs daily in our cells.

Some of the side effects of this excessive free-radical damage are ...

  • premature aging
  • lack of skin tone
  • a poorly functioning immune system
  • low energy levels
  • mental clarity fog
  • and overall poor health levels

Antioxidants derived from fruits and vegetables are the most powerful source of special and powerful phyto-nutrients, which are responsible for combating the damaging effects of free radicals.

Antioxidants formula with fruits and vegetables

The 5-A-Day Intake:

Consuming a healthy diet which includes at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day should be followed for optimum health, as advised by the Department of Health's
5 A DAY intake campaign: ("The Government recommends an intake of at least five portions of fruit or vegetables per person per day to help reduce the risk of some cancers, heart disease and many other chronic conditions").

    However, due to our busy lives and intake of nutritionally depleted foods (low in minerals, vitamins & trace elements due to farming methods, use of chemicals, storage methods etc.), not many people are able to achieve the advised 5 A DAY intake target of fruits and vegetables in order to maintain optimum health levels.

    In fact, some research shows that around only 1 in 7 actually achieve
    the 5-A-DAY target.

Due to it's wide variety extract of fruits and vegetables, Anti-oxidant supreme contains a broad range of phyto-nutrients (antioxidants) which can help to Top Up the daily antioxidant requirements for the maintenance of a healthy body.

 5 vegicaps is equivalent to the ORAC value of
5 Fruits and Vegetables


5000 ORAC units per gram Oxxynea powder

When was the last time you ate a variety of ingredients found
in 22 Fruits and Vegetables in one day?

It is now possible to achieve this with 1 capsule of Antioxidant supreme.


About AntiOxidant supreme:

AntiOxidant supreme is a concentrated and powerful Antioxidant / Anti-Aging supplement made up of 22 consumer bought fruits and vegetables, specially selected for their antioxidant properties.

  • The antioxidant power of phytonutrients have been concentrated to provide maximum antioxidant activity.
  • AntiOxidant supreme contains Oxxynea®, the registered fruit & vegetable compound extract.

Since most consumers do not eat 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, Antioxidant supreme can provide additional * ORAC units in a very concentrated and virtually 100% absorbable form.

* ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbence Capacity and is a measure of antioxidant power developed by the US Department of Agriculture and Human Nutrition Research Centre.


5-A-DAY fruit and vegetable ORAC Top Up supplement




The following are a list of health protection Pytochemical compounds found in Antioxidant supreme with Oxxynea.

      • Polyphenols : Anthocyanes, Phenolic acids, Procyanidins
      • Bioflavonoids
      • Carotenoids, lycopene
      • Vitamins


Who Would Benefit?

Basically, everyone would potentially benefit from taking even 1 capsule of Anti-oxidant supreme per day.

The health benefits associated with consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables every day are well known & documented worldwide.

Why Use AntiOxidant supreme?

    • Each VegiCap contains virtually zero calories and is extremely high in nutrients
    • It does NOT contain all the sugar & calories associated with eating high volumes of fruit and some vegetables
    • A combination of 22 fruits & vegetables offering a very wide variety of antioxidant phyto-nutrients.
      Most people are not able to eat such a wide variety of food over 1 week, let alone per day.
    • AntiOxidant supreme is available in a small (size 0) and easy to swallow VegiCap
    • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

This Is The Ideal Natural Food Supplement For:

    • Fussy and faddy eaters
    • People whose cooking skills are not up to par and food variety is minimal
    • Those who dislike the taste of certain fruits and vegetables
    • Frequent fast-food eaters
    • People who suffer from digestive problems and cannot break down and absorb sufficient nutrients
    • Others who have a problem increasing intake of vegetables as they are not able to process high fiber content.
    • A necessity for slimmers following low calorie or restricted diets as it ensures daily nutritional requirements are fulfilled.
      Long term low calory and low choice diets can leave the body depleted of certain important nutrients.
    • Competitive sportsmen and sports women undergoing extreme physical activity.
      The more stress your body is put under, the higher the requirement for nutrients in order to help recuperation and maintain a high immune system strength
    • Bed ridden patients
    • People recuperating following illness, an operation, medication etc.
    • Those with very low energy levels / lethargy

The suitability list is endless
the health benefits derived from taking
Anti-oxidant supreme are limitless.



A combination extract of 22 fruits & vegetables for broad spectrum
antioxidant phyto-nutrients

200mg oxxynea per vege cap












Green Tea


Green cabbage





Red & White Grapes

Wheat germ




  • Size 0 vegetable cellulose capsule
  • Contains NO: Added Gluten, Wheat, Lactose, added Sugar, Additives, Artificial Colourings or Yeast
  • In a base of brown rice flour
  • Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans


Usage Guidelines:

  • Anti-oxidant supplement from fruit and vegetables for free radical damage and anti-agingDaily dose is between 400mg (2 capsules) to 800mg (4 capsules) per day for at least 4 to 6 continuous months for maximum benefits
  • A maintenance dose of 200mg (1 capsule) can be used thereafter
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Can be combined with our Herbal Superfoods formula

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