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Sell own label slimming products

>>> Customised Vitamin, Mineral, Powder & Herbal Formulations


We constantly improve and expand our food supplements and health foods product range in line with the latest trends and legislation.
This ensures that the products you purchase are always on the cutting edge and up to date with new scientific advances and discoveries.

However, some traders and supplement wholesalers require specific combinations of vitamins, minerals and herbs in order to sell to their specific target market.
This is known as customised supplement formulations and we can help you to develop your own niche food supplements range if so required.

  • Product Formulation:
    If you have a specific supplements formulation in mind which you wish to sell, we can make suggestions to help you complete the formula, thereafter quote and have it manufactured for your company.
  • Short Product Runs:
    Due to our unique relationship with raw material suppliers etc, we can offer short runs of 30 000 capsules per customised supplement formulations.

    This equates to ...
    - 1000 pots at 30 capsules per pot
    - 500 pots at 60 capsules per pot
    - 333 pots at 90 capsules per pot
    - 300 pots at 100 capsules per pot

    # Minimum runs for powder blends such as our MEALtime dairy free protein powder is around 150kg per blend.
    Taking anything less that this makes it too costly.
  • Turnaround period for delivery:
    The time period between placing and order and receiving delivery is normally between 6 and 10 weeks, once the customised supplements formulation has been agreed upon and approved.
    This turnaround period is obviously an estimate, depending upon raw materials availability.
  • All our products are made in the United Kingdom under GMP licence:
    A guarantee to high standards & quality every time

The information we require from you:

If you have a specific food supplement formula for encapsulation, we require a detailed recipe in order to quote.
This means we need the following information from you...

  1. Your full contact details
  2. Full formula recipe eg per 1 capsule
    - 25mg Vitamin C
    - 150mcg chromium picolinate
    - 10mg Vitamin B6 etc
  3. Number of capsules per pot

Labels for your customised formula:

The customer can either make up their own customised supplements formulation labels or can make use of our Own Label service.


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If you are interested in boosting your business profits and wish to start selling your own range of specialist supplements or your personalised custom herbal remedies, click here and call us today.


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