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>>> All Digestion, Organ Cleansing and Colon Hydrotherapy Products

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CONSTIfree with L-Glutamine and probiotics

Colon toner with goldenseal

Muscular relaxing & calming.

Traditional gastrointestinal cleanse support.

Combination of Psyllium Husks, prebiotic, probiotics, digestive enzymes & L-Glutamine

COL-Clear Version A:
Colon cleanse supplement.

COL-Clear colon cleanse without goldenseal

DIGESTIVEaid digestive enzymes

Marie Claire magazine article on DIGESTIVEaid


Liver and gallbladder cleanser & protector

COL-Clear Version B:
Colon cleanse support formula version B. As used by Colon Hydrotherapists.
Deep colon cleanser.

Digestive enzymes combination with added gut soothing herbs.

As recommended by renown ND Max Tomlinson for bloating & poor digestion.

Pure glutamine amino acid for intestinal tract tissue repair & wall integrity.

Liv & Gall Clear:
A liver cleanse & detox support supplement.

4 billion probiotic bacteria

20 BILLION probiotics per capsule

Nat-Lax TNT



Multi-Flora BioPro:
Probiotic combination with 8 strains of friendly gut bacteria. Comes in 4 Billion live organisms and now 20 Billion organisms per capsule in the MAX version.
For full spectrum bowel flora support.
A favorite following colon hydrotherapy.

Nat-Lax TNT:
Natural herbal colon cleanser. Based on Dr. Christoper's formulation.

Tasty dairy, gluten & preservative free protein powder meal replacement drink. Use as part of a slimming routine or in place of a skipped meal.

All in one yeast balance support formulation.
This is our most popular Gut Therapy Formula. Once tried, it is always repurchased.

Anti-Spas Enema Herbs

Combination Enema Herbs

German chamomile liquid extract

Wild yam root liquid extract (1:1)

Anti-Spas Enema Herbs:
An calming & soothing enema herbs combination - smooth muscle relaxant. A fluid extract (1:1).
Used by colon hydrotherapists during treatments.

Combination Enema Herbs:
Fluid extract / Liquid extract which contains soothing enema herbs with colonic cleansing herbs. Used by colonic hydrotherapy practitioners.

 German Chamomile:
Fluid extract (1:1) in strength. Used during colon hydrotherapy sessions.

 Wild Yam Root:
A Fluid extract / Liquid extract. Used for soothing & relaxing the bowel.

Chickweed cream for skin problems

Anti-Parasite tincture for colon hydrotherapists

OXY-KLENX - Oxy Formula for colon cleanse

Dietary fibre from hemp seeds

 Chickweed Cream:
The Latin name is Stellaria media. Used for skin complaints and as a lubricant. It cools, soothes and relieved itching.

Anti-Parasite Tincture:
Traditional gastrointestinal cleanse support tincture.
Used by colon hydrotherapists during treatments.

Oxygenated colon cleanser with magnesium peroxide.
Bowel cleanse & energiser.

Hemp Fibre:
Hemp seed food source dietary fibre for an active colon.







Bentonite clay powder




 Bentonite Clay:
Calcium bentonite air dried clay




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