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Drop Ship Vitamins Service


Drop Ship our vitamins range:

Drop ship vitamins service for your business is easy and profitable.

Click here for our Drop Ship service page.

Drop ship is the shipping of a product (such as our vitamin and herbal supplements range) directly from the manufacturer to your customer without requiring inventory carrying by the retailer (yourself). Drop Shipping is a method of merchandising that allows anyone to sell health products such as vitamin and mineral supplements without first buying and stocking an inventory of those products. Drop ship wholesalers have been widely used by ebay sellers, health care practitioners and online retailers.
If you plan to start using a drop ship company for your ebay vitamin business, we offer you this service. Drop ship is a product delivery method in which the seller (retailer) accepts payment for an order, but the customer receives the supplements / product(s) directly from the manufacturer which is ourselves. In a drop shipping arrangement, the retailer acts as a middleman between the manufacturer and the customer.

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How does drop ship work?

Drop shipping is really out-sourcing your vitamin order fulfillment services to a third party. You will be dependent on your drop shipper to have the products in stock, to deliver on time and to properly pack and ship your products. Drop shipping is a very good option as you can make money without any outlay on vitamins, minerals and herbal products or other stock.

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Vitamins drop shipping service

You don't have to make any financial investments until you sell the product. Drop ship source wholesale products for home businesses to sell and begin drop shipping online without inventory hassles or costs. We supply you everything you need to run a successful business selling specialist vitamin supplements.

Drop Shipping through us is completely free. You pay only normal charges for ordering products and shipping is a very low fee.
It means that you become a stockless retailer of our vitamins and health products.

Drop ship service allows you to sell vitamin supplements with no purchase orders or requiring storage space. As the vitamin manufacturer and wholesalers will stock the vitamin and herbal supplements for you. It is a process of selling Products without having to stock any overhead. You can sell the merchandise at a cost you would determine. This direct dispatch service allows you to make a profit on the difference in price without having to deal with manufacturers, overheads or the complexities of packaging. The drop shipment system also allows you to advertise a wide variety of goods, make bulk orders or even promotional gifts which you do not have to carry in stock.

Join our Drop Ship scheme today and start earning money. Get help finding a specific drop shipper product you wish to sell, or sell all our vitamin and herbal remedies range. Join us now and learn how we can help your skyrocket your business. Dropship made easy and effortless and best of all it is free to join.

Taking orders and earning money:

All you do it take the order from your customer and pass it to the distributor. Wholesale drop-shippers are great because they actually deliver the goods to your customers. After you sign up with us, sign up with some auction sites such as eBay, ebidz or amazon. Many will also even include the retailers name on the invoice so that the customer is never even aware that they got it from anyone else but the retailer.

Sign up with us and start selling our vitamin and herbal supplements range using our drop ship service. Start earning extra money without any financial outlay on stock or packing.

Click here for our Drop Ship service page.

Posting of orders:

There is now an easy solution to earning extra income from selling vitamins and supplements. We store and ship all of your products, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business, such as advertising for attract more customers. It is the beginning of a very exciting and fulfilling time, full of pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.
Basically, you sell the vitamins via your site, forward the orders electronically to the vitamin producer (us), and we fulfill the order and ship the product directly to your customers.

Supplements for tanning salons, health practitioners like nutritionists, colonic hydrotherapists, health clinics, health spa's, health food shops etc. Supplement consumers face a paradox of choice and they know only too well that the quality, safety and efficacy of the thousands of nutritional supplements out there are far from equal. So regardless of which price category a supplement falls in it should be evaluated and then compared to its competitors. Supplements in a natural food form such as our herbal and vitamin formulas are shown to absorb better.









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