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Hemp Products Dropshipper

Hemp food products dropshipper service:

Hemp food products are very popular natural health food. We sell pure hemp seed oil, hemp dietary fibre and hemp protein powder.

There are food grade hemp products for Human consumption.

They are suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans

We are dropshipers of hemp products - hemp dietary fibre from hemp seeds, hemp seed oil and hemp protein powders to the United States, Canada, Europe United Kingdom and most other world destinations.

If you have your own online shop or mail order company, our dropshipping service will drop-ship the hemp food products and other products directly to your customers. An easy way and cheap method to increase your monthly income - all you need to do is advertise the hemp food products and other food supplements.
When you make a sale, simply use our dropshipping service. Read our page related to dropshipping or contact us for further.

Drop shipper of hemp food products

hemp protein powder

About hemp food products:

Hemp food products are an alternative to dairy products.

Hemp Protein Powder:

  • Hemp protein powder is an alternative to whey protein powder
  • Hemp is a complete protein - the amino acid profile is balanced
  • Contains a balanced source of natural protein
  • Hemp protein contains all 10 essential amino acids
  • Also high in dietary fibre and omega oils
  • FREE FROM GMO (not genetically modified)
  • Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and those following Raw Food diets

    Our dropshiping  service is cheap and easy – large profit margins for you.
  • Hemp Products Dropshipper

Hemp seed oil:

  • hemp oil is highest quality cold pressed hemp seed oil
  • Higher in Omega 3, 6 & 9 oils than any other oil
  • Only 50% the saturated fat when compared to Olive oil
  • 10ml of Hemp Oil contains as much GLA as 6 capsules of Evening Primrose Oil
  • Found to be effective in the treatment od ADHD, heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Supports healthy skin,hair, joints, cholesterol levels and your immune system
    - NO bleaching
    - NO deodorising
    - NO GMO (genetically modified)
    - NO pesticides or herbicides

Hemp Fibre: dietary fibre from hemp seeds

  • Hemp dietary fibre from hemp seeds
  • A natural food product high in beneficial dietary fibre
  • Natural dietary fibre from hemp seeds
  • Fibre from foods is required for healthy and regular bowel movements
  • Produced from cold pressed FOOD GRADE natural hemp seeds
  • The hemp seeds are produced exclusively for human consumption
    Pesticides & Herbicides, Gluten, Hexane, GMO (no genetically Modified Ingredients), Toxins & Dioxins, Dairy & Lactose, Nuts, Seeds, Sesame, Any known Allergens

Trade price hemp products from dropshippers. Trade customers use our drop-shipping service.

Advantages of Dropshipping:

  • No minimum order
  • No need to hold stock of foods, food supplements or expensive stock
  • No need to open several accounts with different supplement suppliers or manufacturers
  • We can dropship products with your Own Company Brand Labels / Own Company Branding

If you are interested in our dropshipping service, please fill in a Catalogue Request form.

You do the marketing of our hemp food products, take payment from your customer and we will dropship the order for you - all we charge you is our Trade prices and a small postage / shipping fee.

We are a Hemp Products Dropshipper


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