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Kosher food supplements

We have a range of Kosher certified food supplements. Kosher / Halal foods certification is very important for some some people.

All of our food supplements are suitable for vegetarians and vegans except for a few such as fis oils - non vegetarian / Kosher products are clearly marked as such.
We also hold an Organic License which ensures you as the reseller are selling certified Organic foods and food supplements.

Kosher is a Hebrew word which means that the food is 'proper', 'fit for ritual use', 'suitable' and 'pure', thus ensuring it is suitable for consumption under Jewish dietary law.

  • Dropship Kosher foods information page
  • Kosher Own Label Supplements Service

    Kosher supplements - we can dropship  all orders for you

    Kosher dietary laws do not allow the mixing of meat and milk products and these are just a few of the reasons why kosher foods and health food supplements might appeal to much of the population, especially people with allergies and food intolerance's. Many health-conscious individuals who seek out healthier foods are also interested in kosher products. Kosher diets are being branded as very healthy.
  • Sell our Kosher certified supplements with the knowledge that they have been rigorously scrutinised.

Our dropshipping service for Kosher supplements is free and easy to use.

Drop shipping organic and Kosher / Halal foods is a system that enables you to take orders from all other shopping channels eg via Amazon, eBay, auction sites, your own website, by phone etc., without having to actually buy or hold any stock of our food supplements.

We already have many wholesale customers who drop-ship our organic and certified Kosher supplements using our standard labels or under their own branding - this is know as white label dropshipping.
We do not charge extra to dropship products to your customers when using your Own personalised labels.

Start selling our health foods and supplements by drop ship today and start earning extra money with very little effort. We even supply trade customers with free advertising materials.

We will even dropship your krill oil orders using your own label if you have opted to use our Own Brand labeling service, also know as white label goods.

Also see our food supplements affiliate program


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