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Sell own label slimming products

>>> Sell your 'Own Label' Products


> The benefits of selling your 'Own Label' supplements range

  • Watch the easy to follow information video on our Own Label Supplements service:


  • ADD PRESTIGE to your company:
    The products will be UNIQUE TO YOUR BUSINESS !!!
    Keep customers returning and repurchasing from you – stop them buying products from your competitors.
  • BIGGER PROFIT margins compared to selling the normal 'High Street Brands'.
    Price your products according to your market – no competing on price with other companies selling the same product name.
    We supply you with Recommended Retail prices, rated according to similar products on the market. However, you ultimately decide on the price you wish to sell YOUR range for.
  • Build up your OWN BRAND NAME of high quality & effective products.
    Yet another reason customers will return and reorder.
  • Read the Business Opportunity / Earn Extra Income page.

Own label setup

Example of a personalised Own Label product:

  • It's easy and cheap to set up your own brand of high quality vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements with us.
  • We will even drop-ship your Own Brand Supplement orders direct to your customers with none of our details anywhere on the products, literature or labels - just as if you were posting the orders yourself
  • So, don't waste time procrastinating. Start selling your own brand supplements now!!!

Example of a personalised own label product

Our Standard Label

Example of a Personalised Label



> Reasons why you should purchase from us?

  • We are a registered United Kingdom based company
  • Products are formulated in the U.K. and conform to all current U.K. standards and regulations
  • We supply HIGH quality, 'Specialist Products' that work – not the cheap, low grade products found in high street outlets.
    They will be unique to your business if sold under 'Own Label'
  • We supply you with personalised label products, enabling you to expand your own brand and to boost turnover and profits
  • You can change the product name to whatever you wish (as long as it conforms to current trading & advertising legislation).
    This will perpetuate repeat orders for your business.

make bigger profits with own brand supplements

Reason 1: Save Money with us - our prices are unbeatable!

  • Low prices for high quality supplements made under GMP standards.
    We are confident our prices are lower than any of your current specialist supplement suppliers
  • NO large outlay for printing costs for you to pay.
    We will print your personalised product labels
  • NO large stock purchases required.
  • NO fixed term agreements
  • NO contract

   * Dummy tubs are available to boost product range visibility and public awareness

Reason 2: We will help you to expand your new supplement business

  • We constantly improve and expand our product range.
    This ensures that the products you purchase are always on the cutting edge and up to date with new advances and discoveries.
  • If you have a specific formulation in mind which you wish to sell, we can formulate, quote and manufactured it for your company - read about our Customised Supplements Formulation service

Reason 3: Big profit margins for you

  • We keep our prices low so that you can make BIGGER profit margins (your profits range between 60% and 100%, depending upon the product)

Reason 4: Direct dispatch - we can post your orders for you


> The information we require for 'Own Label' setup

  • Full company contact details
  • Any artwork, logos etc. you wish to use – JPEG, GIF, PNG, format (300dpi) and colour scheme if applicable.
  • The new product names you wish to use for the various supplements you order. You can retain our product names if you wish.

NOTE: This is only a basic list - please read the FAQ page on own label setup in the trade area once you log in (after you receive the log in details).

>> Also see our Personalised Advertising & Promotion Services page for help on growing your sales.


> Outline of our 'Own Label' service

  • For a small one-time setup fee, we will format the new artwork for your labels with the information you supply us
  • Your order with the personalised product labels are dispatched within a few business days. The normal turnaround time is 7 business days for the first order.


> Who can benefit from selling 'Own Label' products?

We supply a range of business with own label products e.g.

  • Natural Health Practitioners such as nutritionists, herbalists, allergy testing clinics and therapists etc.
  • Complementary Medicine Clinics
  • Colonic Irrigation Clinics / Colonic Hydrotherapy Practitioners
    (our Digestive Range is very popular with colonic irrigation & detox clinics)
  • Tanning Shops
    (specially our Slimming & Women's Products)
  • Independent websites / online store owners
  • Ebay sellers
  • Hairdressing Salons & Mobile Hairdressers
    (Very good for point of sale due to customer relationship)
  • Slimming Clubs / Weight Loss Groups
  • Small and Independent Health stores
  • Nail Bars
  • Detox clinics / detox retreats
  • Charities

Basically any business wishing to sell good quality, high potency practitioner supplements to clients / customers while boosting turnover and profit margins.


> Don't wait, increase your business income!

If you are interested in boosting your business profits and wish to start selling your own range of specialist supplements / products, click here and call us today.

white brand products increase profits


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