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Sell own label slimming products

>>> Personalised Advertising, Marketing & Promotions Services


> Without relevant & targeted advertising & marketing, how will you be able to make sales?

  • Watch our informative video on our personalised advertising & promotional services:


Advertising the professional service you offer (eg colonic hydrotherapy, allergy testing, herbalism, detox retreats, Boot Camps, Naturopathy etc.) or the products you sell both through an on-line web site or other outlets, targeted advertising is important to all businesses in order for potential clients to find you and to keep customers returning and repurchasing from your company and not your competitors.

In today's tough economic business environment, your business and the
products you sell need to stand out from the crowd … to be seen by customers !!!

Increase your sales:

In order to increase your monthly sales and income, you will require specific marketing materials relevant to your business and products sold.

This many sound simple but the truth of the matter is that it's very time consuming to compile the correct advertising information, format it and get it ready for printing or upload personalised web page content which will rank well on search engine queries.

Most people just don't have the time or inclination to put together substantial advertising for their business – the end result is therefore a lack of new customers, a lack of product sales and obviously insufficient income.

See our Personalised Advertising & Marketing Packages:

If you need help getting your business started or boosting your business profile and increasing monthly sales, we have advertising and business promotion services which could be very beneficial to you.

The services we offer are advantageous to both customers who wish to establish their Own Brand (Own Label) Range of products and those who are going to re-sell our food supplements and health foods range using our Specialist Supplements Ltd. product branding and labels.

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> Why use our advertising & marketing services?

Having been trading since 1995, we have acquired an enormous amount of knowledge & experience over the years and thus have already done all the hard work for you in terms of …

  • product research & development from customer feedback
  • finding target markets
  • optimising sales to target markets
  • determining competitive & affordable product pricing
  • search engine optimisation techniques (SEO)
  • compilation of relevant web page content
  • development of specific advertising materials and much more

So, if you have been frustrated with your attempts at producing advertising literature to boost your sales and income, take a closer look at our professional and very competitively priced Personalised Advertising Packages.

Examples of our Personalised Advertising & Promotional Services:

Personalised product catalogues

Product flyers

Personalised websites

SEO services

Promotional business cards & logos

Who can benefit from our Personalised Advertising Service?

  • Basically any company or trader who wants to increase their website internet presence, raise company profile and boost orders & sales!

white brand products increase profits


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