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>>> Catalogue Of Changes On Our Products & Services


This page displays information on new product releases, formula changes (due to legislation etc), products discontinuation, services we offer etc.


October 2013:

  • Happy-Flex: Our new joints and connective tissue support supplement.
    Contains a powerhouse of ingredients including Glucosamine HCL (the most absorbable form), Methylsulphonyl Mathane (MSM) powder, Vegetarian capsule shell, Celery seed powder, Nettle leaf 4:1 extract, Montmorency cherry powder, Panax ginseng powder, Apple cider vinegar powder (35%), Bromelain (1,200 GDU/g), Curcumin 95% (turmeric P.E. approx 10:1 min 95%), Horsetail herb extract 7% silica, Kelp powder, Papain (2000u/mg), Rosehip 20:1 extract, Ginger root extract.

    Available to be sold under your own label / as a white label supplement.


December 2012:

  • PEA Protein Plus: Pea Protein powder with added superfoods and phyto-nutrients. Ideal for vegans as a way to increase daily protein intake and for slimmers as a protein shake / meal shake.
  • Organic Fruit Powders: A blend of organic fruit powders. Great way to boost daily intake of organic nutrients from fruits. Add to a meal replacement powder to simply add to water or juice to make a very tasty smoothie
  • MEALtime protein shake is now also available in tasty chocolate flavour


July 2012:

  • THERMOthin ketoburner: improved herbal fat burner formula - now includes the ideal daily amount of Raspberry ketones along with African mango extract and cinnamon extract.
    This is the most most powerful herbal thermogenic to date


February 2012:


January 2012:

  • Dietary Fibre Complex: new high fiber supplement in capsule form, Contains soluble & insoluble fibres.
  • Acai Berry Supreme: we have improved this formula further by adding powerful antioxidants to this berry. Now available in 2 powerful versions



November 2011:


September 2011:


August 2011:


July 2011:


May - June 2011:


February and March 2011:


Novermber 2010:

  • 100% Organic MAXvits SuperFoods replaces our non-organic Super Foods supplement.
    Now contains the new Super Fruit Baobab fruit along with other organic and nutrients dense foods most people miss out on such as Bilberry fruit, carrot root, lemon peel, spirulina, wheatgrass and many other ingredients.
  • THERMOthin has been altered & improved.
    It now contains the much publicised ingredient Capsicum Extract from hot chilli. capsicum extract for slimmersThis formula is a winner with dieters and slimmers.


October 2010:

  • Hemp fibre. Hemp seed dietary fibre is an easy and tasty food to help increase your daily intake of much needed dietary fibre - for a happy & active colon.


July 2010


May 2010


November 2009


May 2009


November 2008

  • Antioxidant supreme with Oxxynea.
    The 22 fruits & vegetables extract. A health protecting and anti-aging antioxidant food supplement with clinically proven results


June 2008

  • OXY-KLENZ bowel oxygenation and colon cleanse supplement

April 2008


February 2008

  • We have reformulated THERMOthin® (also known as THERMOslim UK®).
    Now includes the clinically documented and patented fat burner called Sinetrol®


January 2008


September 2007 - NEW fluid extracts / liquid extracts formulas released


May 2007 - 1 NEW formula released

  • MAXvits Super Food herbal supplement release. Natures Balanced Blend of easily assimilated nutrients - an all natural Multivitamin & Mineral formula for all.


March 2007 - 2 NEW formulas released

  • ProBiotic MAX
    A Probiotic with 20 BILLION live organisms per capsule. Contains human strain probiotics and will accompany our popular Multi-Flora ProBio probiotic.
  • Liv & Gall Clear released.
    Unbeatable prices for a famous liver and gall bladder cleanser and protection formula. Click here
  • CONSTIfree formula has been improved. We have now added FOS (prebiotic), probiotics, digestive enzymes and gut soothing herbs for thorough colon cleanse and bowel flora restoration / balance.


November 2006 - 2 NEW colon formulas released

  • Anti-Spas Formula
    - with Wild Yam, Cramp Bark, Valerian & Camomile. Click here.
  • P-Cleanse Anti-Parasitic Combination
    - to include many powerful herbs such as elecampane, wormwood, black walnut (green hull extract), cloves, cinnamon & quassia. Click here.


August 2006 - 3 NEW colon / bowel cleanse formulas released

  • COL-Clear - gentle cleanser and bowel wall toner.
    Comes in two versions ie. COL-Clear Version A (contains Goldenseal) and
    COL-Clear Version B (without Goldenseal)
  • Nat-Lax TNT - Quick Colon Cleanser
    Strong bowel cleanser based on Dr. Christopher's herbal laxative formula.


March & April 2006 - New probiotic formula released

  • Multi-Flora ProBio (comprehensive probiotic)
    An eight strain probiotic, guaranteed to contain 4 billion live bacteria organisms per capsule.
  • Coming soon
    NaT-LaX TNT: Herbal stimulating formula for the bowels. With cascara, cayenne, turkey rhubarb etc.
    Ideal for colonic hydrotherapy clinics.


Feb 2006 - 2 NEW formulas released

  • 2 new products ie Acidophilus & Bifidobacterium probiotic powder
  • Price Reductions on all products.
    Our prices are unbeatable. Compare them to your other vitamin, mineral & supplement suppliers.
  • Direct dispatch service for practitioners
  • 10th February: New Product Catalogue now available.
    Click here and request one or simply call us on 0845 094 3627


1996 - 2006

  • Too much news to mention


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