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Sell own label slimming products

>>> Turnkey Website Business Service For Instant Income Potential


Start selling our products within days with our ready made personalised website.

If you don't wish to spend lots of time and money researching website building solutions and companies who offer such services, we can offer you a One-stop turnkey website business with Ecommerce and Web Design service.

Personalised turnkey website service

You can have your own personalised ecommerce website loaded with our health products and ready to trade within days - not weeks but days (depending upon our workload), with the ability to accept online payments via PayPal and other payment providers.

Our company was established in 1996 and we have had traded online presence since 1999 - we therefore have a vast amount of knowledge and experience related to online marketing, e-commerce and extra income.
Lots of web site customisation is available which enables you to add your own logo, colour themes, page content etc.

Ecommerce website solution:

We can set up your personalised, ready to trade turnkey website up within a short period of time and link up to most available payment providers such as PayPal, HSBC, Google checkout, PayPoint, SagePay, Protx, Moneybookers, ePDQ, WorldPay and many more (our ability to connect your turnkey website business to payment providers can save you hundreds of pounds in professional fees).

Our other website solutions and services:

  • Custom, bespoke ecommerce website design
  • Logo & colour personalisation
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Flash animation
  • Personalised web page content generation and management

Cost of a Personalised Turnkey Website with Ecommerce:

  • From as little as £499, you can have a ready to trade personalised website with your own label pot images, personalised colours, banners etc.
    Time scale for completion depends upon current workload.
    Contact us for further details
  • We use a CMS shopping cart system with all required shopping cart functionality.

    Please Note: you will have to pay a hosting fee direct to the CMS system hosts. This is around £15 per month - a very reasonable fee.

Once your ecommerce web site is complete, you can either purchase our health food supplements / health & organic products and ship them out yourself as the orders come in or make use of our drop-shipping service.

>> Also see our Personalised Advertising & Promotion Services page for help on growing your sales.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I choose my own domain name?
    YES, you purchase the domain and choose your web host - this is all under your control
  • Can you add images and the colour scheme I want?
  • Can I make changes to the web pages?
    YES, you can change the text, add other pages & new products (even products you do not buy from us) once the site is uploaded and you have installed the software.
    You have full control over your domain name, website and content

  • If I need help after you have completed my site, can I request assistance?
    YES, you have 15 days support via e-mail.
    However, the most important is for you to learn how to use the website CMS so that you can make all relevant website changes and updates. We charge for support on a per incident basis after the free support period.
  • Can I see examples of websites you can build?
    As most customers sell products under their Own Label / Own Brand option, we cannot show you their websites. However, you can have a look at our Retail Website which is a working example and this Example Website (this is the best layout for ease of navigation and aesthetic appeal). We can basically build it as required (within certain limits)
  • I don't have much time to write relevant articles and web page content. Do you offer this service?
    YES, we have the software and knowledge to write specific, personalised web pages to help boost you search engine rankings.
    You would not have found our web site on the search engines if it wasn't for the relevant web page content that helps us to achieve high rankings for specific and business related search terms.
    See the relevant page on our advertising services

  • I want to start selling your products and earning extra income. How do I get started with purchasing my ready made website?
    Simply fill in the Catalogue Request form us and we will advise you on the first step to take


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